These definitions will help you understand the terms used within the FSU Service Center.


A Florida State University employee who has the ability to work on and resolve cases within the FSU Service Center.

The official documentation of an issue or request from a customer. When a case is created, it is routed to a provider group and assigned to an agent. The case remains open until a resolution is found and shared with the customer.

Case Number
A reference number assigned to each case after submission.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
The ticketing system that runs the FSU Service Center. It is powered by Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM 9.1 for Higher Education.

Any Florida State University employee or student, delegate, alumni, retiree or guest who submits a case to the FSU Service Center.

FSU Service Center
Florida State University’s secure, multi-departmental online support system that allows customers to sign in and submit cases for help.

Provider Group
Groups of agents who work in the same department (e.g. Admissions) or share a common set of knowledge (e.g. email administration) and work together to resolve an issue.

Provider Group Manager (PGM)
Florida State University employee who serves as the primary contact for one or more provider groups within the FSU Service Center.

Service Management Deployment
The team that serves as system administrators for the FSU Service Center.

Legacy Sort
Legacy Priority