FSU Service Center Provider Groups

FSU Service Center provider groups represent many different departments, academic units and help desks across the university. Rather than knowing the exact person to whom a case needs to be routed, your case will be automatically routed to a provider group who will work to resolve your issue.

Become a Provider Group

If you represent an FSU department that would like to be added as a provider group in the FSU Service Center, please submit a support request with the following information:

  • Category: IT Support Services
  • Specialty Type: FSU Service Center
  • Detail: Provider Group Request
  • Department name
  • Main point of contact
Provider Groups Manager
Admissions and Records IT Support Rob Rinehart
Admissions Application Problems (General) Michael Sklens
Admissions Application Problems (Specialist) Christina Klawinski
Athletics IT Support Justin Jacobs
Budget Office Corbin DeNagy
Campus Access and Security Services Colleen Thomas
CNTL - Auxiliary Accounting  
CNTL- SBS Accounting Angela Crosby
CNTL- SBS AR Derek Blauer
CNTL- SBS Billings Jason Price
CNTL- SBS Business Analyst Support Gilman Page
CNTL- SBS Cashiering Mary Eichler
CNTL- SBS Collections Ashley Wilmot
CNTL- SBS Customer Service Angelise Card
CNTL- SBS Disbursements Derek Blauer
CNTL-Accounts Payable Carla Daniels
CNTL-Asset and Property Management Judd Enfinger
CNTL-General Accounting Judd Enfinger
CNTL-Travel and Expenses Carla Daniels
College of Arts and Sciences IT Support Kurt Rockenstein
Controllers Office IT Support Geoffrey Adams
COSSPP IT Support Shawn Lewers
Division of Student Affairs Ian Arnold
EAB Campus Connect Sarah Hamon
ERP-CSBA Jennifer Hamilton
ERP-OMNI Default Lisa Crutchfield
ERP-OMNI Financials Susan Berry
ERP-OMNI HR Lorrie Harvey
ERP-OMNI Reports Jorge Vidal
ERP-UPK Job Aids Lisa Crutchfield
Faculty Development and Advancement Tiffany Phillips
Financial Aid Accounting Brenda Poole
Financial Aid Athletics Cathy Jones
Financial Aid Campus Based Aid Coressa Reed
Financial Aid CARE Coressa Reed
Financial Aid Data Entry Jennifer Dames
Financial Aid ERP Jennifer Dames
Financial Aid Help Desk Jennifer Dames
Financial Aid Institutional Loans Jennifer Dames
Financial Aid Loans Margaret Coleman
Financial Aid Reporting Teri Lucas
Financial Aid Special Programs Sherron Sloan
Financial Aid Supervisor Helpdesk Jennifer Dames
Financial Aid Systems Jennifer Dames
Financial Aid Tech Support Jennifer Dames
Financial Aid Testers  Jennifer Dames
Financial Aid Work Study Jennifer Hall
FSU Card Center Daniel Register
Graduate School Brian Barton
HR-Classification/Positions Phaedra Harris
HR-Employee Data Management Phaedra Harris
HR-Employee Labor Relations Phaedra Harris
HR-Employment and Recruitment Phaedra Harris
HR-EOC Amber Wagner
HR-Insurance and Benefits Phaedra Harris
HR-Time, Attendance, Leave Phaedra Harris
HR-Other Phaedra Harris
Institutional Research Rick Burnette
ITAPP - Center for Advanced Power Systems IT General Gaskins
ITAPP - College of Business IT Support Ray Marky
ITAPP - College of Engineering Gary Eggebraaten
ITAPP - College of Human Sciences IT Support Joshua Kukus
ITAPP - College of Law IT Support Matt Mortimer
ITAPP - College of Motion Picture Arts IT Support Geoff Stegmeyer
ITAPP - College of Social Work IT Support Nicholas Ordonia
ITAPP - Human Resources Casey Fort
ITAPP - Panama City Campus IT Support Mark Myers
ITAPP - Program Administration & General Inquiries Dave Borschel
ITAPP - Public Safety IT Support Alexander Chisler
ITAPP- International Programs Applications Support Charles Stratton
ITAPP- Jim Moran School Edward Zilavy
ITS Identity Access Management Maria Whitaker
ITS-Accounts Receivable Richard Bessey
ITS-Advanced Technical Support Jason Freeman
ITS-Assessments Dave Borschel
ITS-Blackboard Connect Ronnie Kimberly
ITS-Computer Lab Support Earl Childers
ITS-Computing Technology Support Rosemarie Cook
ITS-Contracts Sean Bankston
ITS-CORE Networking Fred Jordan
ITS-Data Services Julie Eberhardt
ITS-Database Administration Mary Sheldahl
ITS-FileMaker Pro Support Richard Bessey
ITS-Hostmaster Fred Jordan
ITS-Imaging Support Charles Kemeny
ITS-IT Optimization Programs Sean Bankston
ITS-Log and Performance Analysis Gerardo E Garcia
ITS-Managed PKI Sean Bankston
ITS-Microsoft Enterprise Applications and Systems Lori Gormin
ITS-MiddleWare Charles Kemeny
ITS-MS Blocked Accounts Suzanne Kane
ITS-myFSU Mobile Anne Hall
ITS-myFSU Portal Anne Hall
ITS-myFSUVLab Earl Childers
ITS-Mysoft Support Richard Bessey
ITS-NIST Claire Borschel
ITS-Operations Mitch Gans
ITS-PCI Claire Borschel
ITS-R and D Hans Meyer
ITS-Security Phillip Kraemer
ITS-Service Desk Suzanne Kane
ITS-Service Management-Deployment Ronnie Kimberly
ITS-Service Management-Fulfillment Lisa Martin-Brown
ITS-Software Licensing Hans Meyer
ITS-Storage and Hosting Johnny White
ITS-Student Applications Anne Hall
ITS-Student Computing Support Wayne Bell
ITS-UNIX Systems Mary Stephenson
ITS-VOIP Fred Jordan
ITS-Web Services Debbie Kelly
ITS-Wireless Fred Jordan
ITS-Workstation Management & Support Jason Penley
OBS Service Support Thomas Murphy
OBS-Customer Service Sherrell Cork
Office of Business Services IT Support Marden McClamma
Payroll Accounting Beverly Miller
Payroll Operations Beverly Miller
Payroll Tax Kathy Stephens
Procurement-Buyers Tonya Price
Procurement-Default Tonya Price
Procurement-OMNI Tonya Price
Procurement-P-Card Nancy Milburn
Procurement-Purchase Order Tonya Price
Procurement-Query Tonya Price
Procurement-Receipts Tonya Price
Procurement-SpearMart Nancy Milburn
Procurement-Special Requests Tonya Price
Procurement-Vendor Stefanie Williams
Quality Assurance Geoffrey Williams
Registrar Aimee Leturmy
Registrar-Curriculum Management ERP Jeremy Johnson
Registrar-Curriculum Management General Jeremy Johnson
Sponsored Research Accounting Services Helen McCann
Sponsored Research Services Esther Wheeler
Sponsored Research Services-FACET Esther Wheeler
SRS-SRAS Joint Group Esther Wheeler
Transportation and Parking Anitra Akins
UC-Creative Services Anthony Archer
Undergraduate Studies Scott Thorp
University Counseling Center IT Support Cherie Sanders
University Housing IT Support Renee Sessions


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