Provider Groups

Cases submitted through the FSU Service Center are routed to a specific provider group—agents who work in the same department or share a common set of knowledge and work together to resolve an issue. Provider groups represent many different departments, academic units and help desks across the university. To effectively route a case to the correct provider group, customers select a Category, Type and Detail that describes the incident.

Become a Provider Group

If you would like to be added as a provider group in the FSU Service Center, please submit a support request with the following selections:

  • Category: IT Services
  • Type: FSU Service Center
  • Detail: Provider Group Request

Please provide the following information in the description of the case:

  • Department or work-group
  • Main point of contact
  • Names of individuals requiring access
  • Brief description of types of cases that need to be routed to your department or work-group

A member of ITS Service Management will contact you to discuss your needs.