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FSU Service Center / Glossary


These definitions will help you understand the terms and lingo used within the FSU Service Center.

  • Agent
    • An FSU Faculty/Staff member that has the ability to work on cases within the CRM system.
  • Case
    • The official documentation of an issue, problem, or occurrence from a customer.  When a case is created, the case will be routed to a Provider Group to be assigned to an Agent. The case will remain open until resolution is found.
  • Case Number
    • A reference number assigned to each case after submission for reference and record keeping.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    • The ticketing system that runs the FSU Service Center. It is powered by Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM 9.1 for Higher Education.
  • Customer
    • All University Faculty/Staff/Students as well as Parents and Guests/Prospective Students. Customers submit cases for problems, issues and other workflow needs.
  • Provider Group (PG)
    • Groups of Agents who share a common set of knowledge (i.e. email administration). Agents search for cases, solve the issue, communicate with the customer and finally solve the case.
  • Provider Group Manager (PGM)
    • One who serves as the primary contact over one or many provider groups for daily operations.
  • Service Management
    • The Service Management team is the system administrator for the FSU Service Center. If you are having difficulty with the system, please contact us.
  • Solution Library
    • A knowledge management archive that provides the means for the collection, organization, and retrieval of common solutions used to solve a case.